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The Fripp Speech Model

The more you clarify your content and organize your structure, the easier it will be for you to sound professional in your delivery.

A powerful, persuasive, professional presentation may appear effortless to an audience … but even an “effortless” presentation requires that you first devote time and energy to organizing your content around a strong basic structure.   The Fripp Speech Model  is part of that process.

The proven 7-step process based on over 40 years of speaking and coaching.

How to create your effortless presentation.

The Fripp Speech Model®  (Priceless! You'll use it again and again!)

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"As an accredited coach, speaking is the most powerful tool you own to grow your business. It's a learned skill, so learn from the best Patricia!" -Sara Kisher

"Thank you! Thank you! For all your support. You are the best speech coach an executive could ask for!"  - Scott Bajtos

"What a seriously fun and educating experience. You have helped me enormously and for that I say a big THANK YOU."  – David Dzienciol

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